Dominique Mercier,

President of Clardian

17 years of regulatory and technical expertise

"For more than 17 years, our regulatory and technical expertise (operated under our former trade name BMI SYSTEM) has enabled us to position ourselves as the leader in compliance solutions. With our successes and failures, we have always sought to build an organization that listens to your needs. Guided by a single objective, your satisfaction, we combine know-how, collaboration and an agile method, for ever greater rigor and efficiency.

Framed by our quality management system, recognized by the ISO 9001 version 2015 certification, we naturally wished to adopt a new commercial name reflecting more directly our know-how and our commitments. Formerly BMI SYSTEM, Clardian, a contraction of "clearness" and "guardian", promises to be an ally of trust and efficiency. We've changed our name to make a stronger, higher statement.

Now Clardian, for today and for tomorrow. For here and beyond."


Clardian, for today and for tomorrow. For here and beyond.

"Clardian is aware of the efforts made by the healthcare industry to meet regulatory requirements and preserve their relationship of trust with citizens.

We support our customers proactively by transposing new legal and regulatory requirements into our intuitive and efficient solutions very quickly.

This is possible thanks to the Scrum method. The iterative and incremental approach of Scrum optimizes the predictability of Clardian's customers' needs and the control of the risk associated with any IT changes. The use of such a method and its adaptive solutions for complex problems allows Clardian teams to generate value throughout a project."

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Jenji is the Expense Report 3.0 solution that simplifies and automates your company's business expense management. Connected to NAYACT Transparency, Jenji's interface facilitates the reconciliation of forecasted and actual expenses to simplify the disclosure of health transparency data.