BMI SYSTEM, a compliance software provider for the healthcare industry, is changing its name on January 6, 2022 to become Clardian!

We wish you a happy new year 2022 for Clardian on its first day of existence.

In 2021, we have changed a lot. Our products have evolved significantly to offer a service that is adapted to the regulations and aspirations of our customers. We have broadened our shareholder base to provide the means for strong development in the healthcare industry as a whole. We keep and strengthen the values and skills that have accompanied us for 17 years now. To affirm these new ambitions, we have chosen to renew our identity. This evolution includes the choice of a new name, the creation of a new logo and a new graphic territory.

These changes are also accompanied by the implementation of our new website which presents the entire Clardian offer in a clear and ergonomic way. You will find the products and services you know and much more...

These changes are the expression of the turnaround initiated by the company and its 55 employees for many months.

Clardian, a contraction of clearness and guardian, promises to be an ally of trust and efficiency. We are changing our name to affirm it stronger and higher.

Now Clardian, for today and tomorrow. For here and beyond.




Our collaborators are the ones who speak best about this change !