Easily manage, optimize and harmonize the medical and scientific communication of all your products

NAYACT Medinfo is a modular platform that organizes and manages the scientific and medical communication of your company's pharmaceutical products (traditional and biomedical pharmaceuticals, and medical devices) to healthcare professionals, patients and your teams.

Manage medical information requests for all your products, in compliance with your processes and bibliographic data.

Manage the necessary information to reconcile these requests with product vigilances and pharmaceutical claims.

Using available references such as your FAQs and approved literature references, ensure that the most accurate response is provided to the requestor in a timely manner.

Keep a record of all responses provided and fully meet your obligations.

Centralize all scientific and medical information requests and provide fast and accurate answers.

Powerful FAQ version management :

  • To find the version with which an answer has been formulated
  • The guarantee of always using the latest version of FAQ

How is NAYACT Medinfo structured?

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Benefit from a common platform partitioned by subsidiary

With NAYACT Medinfo, each subsidiary manages its information requests independently on a common platform

With NAYACT Medinfo, each subsidiary has its own repository, its own environment, to allow the corporate to have a global vision of the activity and to facilitate access and enrichment of information.

Software that meets the requirements of pharmaceutical validation

Centralize requests for medical and scientific information

Manage the steps in the response writing process

Link with regulatory processes

Bibliographic repository

Our services

Choosing Clardian and its compliance solutions also means benefiting from services and follow-up to support your project and guarantee the support of all users.

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Customer Care

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Regulatory or IT training, DataDock referenced, to support your teams.

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A dedicated team to answer all your questions about the operation of your platform, directly accessible via our software.

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A question about NAYACT Medinfo ?

To learn more about NAYACT Medinfo or NAYACT Global Suite, please contact our experts, who will be happy to answer your questions and/or give you a product demonstration !



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