Simplify the management of your interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations

Regulations and codes have been put in place in most countries and by some professional associations to ensure transparency of the links of interest between healthcare industries AND professionals, healthcare organizations and patient associations.

As the number of requirements increases, healthcare companies must anticipate changes and face increasingly time-consuming and energy-consuming tasks.

Aware of these issues, Clardian, the compliance expert, has designed NAYACT Transparency to help you comply with international and local transparency regulations. NAYACT Transparency allows you to reduce and optimize the workload related to the management of links of interest

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  • Submit to the right process, on time and to the right authorities
  • Enable internal approval and country-specific approval requirements
  • Publish the right data in the right format at the right time
  • An international library of publication reports
  • International coverage: US, EFPIA, LATAM, APAC :
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An end-to-end management service

NAYACT Transparency manages all the steps from pre-event to post-event to publication in compliance with international codes

  • Create and qualify the different types of interactions (events, contracts & donations)
  • Manage and follow up on "crossboarder" requests
  • Monitor relations with healthcare professionals and organizations, patient associations, agencies, etc.
  • Manage budget forecasts and report on actual expenses
  • Set up internal validation processes
  • Generate KPIs and manage your activity
Description of NAYACT Transparency
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Connect your legacy solutions

Via NAYACT Link, interface your other information systems with NAYACT Transparency (CRM, Expense tool, Event tool, ERP...) and gain in efficiency and productivity, notably by avoiding potential errors linked to double entry.

Get started quickly and efficiently with NAYACT Guide

Our interactive NAYACT Guide guides users step by step through the use of NAYACT Transparency (France module), to ensure a quick and complete introduction to the tool. Present at each step of the data entry process without leaving NAYACT Transparency, it facilitates real-time use and provides information on the latest regulatory news.

  • Easily find answers to your questions in real time
  • Accelerate the deployment of NAYACT Transparency
  • Make progress in complete autonomy
  • Reduce training costs
  • Access a library of Clardian content (industry news, information, regulatory database, etc.)
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A simple and scalable platform for managing interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations

Manage your different engagement processes with HCPs and HCOs.

Easily publish your data in the right formats.

Quickly visualize all your interactions through accurate dashboards.

Quickly connect your different information systems.

Our services

Choosing Clardian and its compliance solutions also means benefiting from services and follow-up to support your project and guarantee the support of all users.

Learn more about our services

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Customer Care

The Customer Care team makes you its priority and supports you before, during and after the deployment of your platform.

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A dedicated team to answer all your questions or if you encounter a technical problem.

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Our expertise in the field of regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry helps you develop a strategy that combines operational constraints, cost management and regular regulatory changes.

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Regulatory or IT training, DataDock referenced, to support your teams.

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For the past 8 years, Clardian has also offered to outsource your LEA & Transparency activities, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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A question about NAYACT Transparency ?

To learn more about NAYACT Transparency or NAYACT Global Suite, please contact our experts, who will be happy to answer your questions and/or give you a product demonstration !

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