Turn the GDPR into an opportunity

General data protection regulations may at first sight be perceived as a constraint. However, guaranteeing people's rights, strengthening the protection of the data collected, streamlining their processing and reducing several risks, has become a priority and a common goal for companies wishing to consolidate a relationship of trust with their customers and partners.

The GDPR defines a framework for the governance of personal data and its implementation, based on an adapted tool solution such as ORYGA, which allows companies to comply with its requirements while developing new competitive advantages in order to strengthen the confidence of its customers, regardless of their size or business model.

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Achieve GDPR compliance with ORYGA

Designed to follow the current GDPR, ORYGA allows a simplified integration with the latest technologies surrounding personal data management (PD) and evolves with the changes of the regulation. In addition to mapping your personal data processing, ORYGA supports :

  • Document management (including registers) and audit trails required by the supervisory authorities.
  • Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA).
  • Relevant monitoring indicators that are essential for companies to ensure effective governance of personal data.

Meet the requirements of the GDPR with ORYGA

We provide support and guidance to Data Protection Officers (DPO) throughout the GDPR process. Each ORYGA feature is based on the recommendations issued by the data protection authorities (CNIL, ICO...).

  • PIA, audits and action plans
  • Record of operations and subcontractors
  • Data subject rights management
  • Recording of security and breach notifications
  • Recording and mapping of processing activities
  • Indicators and dashboards

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