NAYACT Transparency & Biotechs

Your interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations are governed by regulations that differ depending on the country and region in which you operate. Choose to centralize the management of your links of interest and your disclosures with NAYACT Transparency.

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NAYACT Promotion & Biotechs

The promotion of your products is governed by strict regulations. From the initiation of promotional documents for these products to their distribution, promotional documents are subject to strict regulations that require the intervention of several departments within your structure. From their initiation to their validation, NAYACT Promotion accompanies you in your process and will allow you to keep the list of your documents up to date.

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NAYACT Medinfo & Biotechs

Automaticize the management and follow-up of medical information questions and answers. Build your FAQ database and optimize the processing of your requests with NAYACT Medinfo.

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Outsourcing & Biotechs

Rely on Clardian's expertise and let us handle your LEA/Transparency compliance.

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ORYGA & Biotechs

Personal data are at the heart of your business, GDPR compliance is not only a regulatory requirement but also a moral obligation towards the healthcare professionals with whom you interact.

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