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  • Implementation of safe, validated operational procedures that comply with your processes
  • Creation of a reliable and secure information base through our NAYACT Transparency solution


Your needs, our solutions:

Focus on your core business by outsourcing your LEA/Transparency requirements.

Clardian offers you the opportunity to gain in productivity and leave energy-consuming tasks behind, by providing you with complete outsourcing services. Let our business experts accompany you on a daily basis.

  • Capture all interactions between your company and healthcare professionals/organizations

Annual declarations / Simplified events

Expert panels / Speaker contracts / Stands & partnerships



  • Creation of submission files with all the required documents
  • Sending contracts and agreements to health professionals / organizations for signature
  • Submission on the IDAHE v2 and/or Ethics for Health Professionals portals
  • Reconciliation between projected and actual expenses
  • Management of the attendance/absence list
  • Production of a file in the format for the publication of links of interest

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A range of training courses to meet all your needs

Clardian offers a range of training courses to meet all your regulatory and/or NAYACT Global Suite-related needs. These training courses can be conducted outside or within the framework of the deployment of our solutions, in order to train new employees or to standardize the knowledge of your teams.

Registered with the Data Dock, a quality reference system, all our training courses are approved and are part of a structured teaching process, guaranteeing a control and continuous improvement approach.

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A support team dedicated to helping you on a daily basis.

Once your Clardian solution is in place and in use by your organization, you benefit from the support of our team of software experts.

Your requests, which are tracked and recorded in our DI (Requests for Intervention) module, are sent directly to our support team so that they can be processed as quickly as possible.

If you have a technical question or if you encounter a functional problem with one of our software products, contact our team directly and they will process your request immediately.

Guided by a single objective, your satisfaction, our customer service teams (Customer Care and Support) work together and apply the agile method to combine rigor and efficiency.

A quality customer service adapted to your requirements to establish a long-lasting quality relationship.

Customer Care

Taking care of you and your project

At Clardian, we make it a point to take care of our customers, and that's what our Customer Care team is all about: being there when you need them.

Once your contract is signed, a Clardian Customer Care consultant, specializing in both our applications and compliance, will be assigned to provide you with the utmost attention.

Throughout the implementation of your project and during the first month of use, our Customer Care consultants are there to advise you, guide you and answer your questions from the simplest to the most complex.

If you feel the need, this personalized support can continue as long as necessary. Various services are then provided to bring you the most suitable solution for your organization:

  • Planned project monitoring meetings
  • Support for your project team in using the tool
  • Support for the development of connectors
  • Assistance in setting the parameters of the standard version and its minor and major versions
  • Evolution of specific editions
  • Advice on optimizing NAYACT Global Suite in your IS environment
  • Monitoring and follow-up of Requests for Intervention (RFI) sent to the support service
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Facing the new challenges of compliance

In order to meet the new challenges in terms of compliance, Clardian supports you in strengthening your compliance policies in terms of transparency, by implementing tools that allow you to optimize your actions:

  • Definition of compliance policies
  • Development and implementation of compliance procedures
  • Drafting of practical sheets for the field
  • Regulatory monitoring, on request, to anticipate changes in the profession

Thanks to our support, you can secure the compliance of your relations with healthcare professionals and organizations and develop your company's activity with peace of mind.

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